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Description of Ultimate Eclipse Studio

Ultimate Eclipse Studio makes Manga, Games, Anime and also being a publisher for the Manga ka's worldwide. The Manga, Anime and Gaming industries have been fast growing on the economy over the years and Ultimate Eclipse Studio intends to enter and participate in these industries.

President D'jarni Braithwaite and Vice President (co-owner) Demar Swack own the company. D'jarni Braithwaite founder, co-owner and the CEO gathered a team of talented artist who have volunteered to share their talents to start off the Manga department of company. He is also currently gathering Game Team and Animation team.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Ultimate Eclipse Studio is to provide a publishing opportunity to talented newbie Manga ka's, create entertaining games and animes for all otaku's and gamers worldwide. Ultimate Eclipse Studio is dedicated to helping new talents get into Manga, Game and Anime industry also bring high quality entertaining to otakus and gamers. We hope to build great relationship with our customers and fans. Our company's goal is to grow steadily and become profitable in our second year of operations (2013).

Zuther Ensign Manga Magazine

Zuther Ensign is our Online Group's Manga Magazine, the original name was Author Ensign but we think an odd name would stand out much more so we now call it Zuther Ensign. This is how we plan to sell Mangas/Comics instead of volume prints. We plan to create a manga magazine like Shonen jump, Otaku magazine, Yen Press magazine, Shojo beat and those other magazines.  
Our magazine will be released ever 2 months and at the end of every 5th issue (within year) we will get our reader involved by having them vote on the different series.

At the end of every 5th issue of Zuther Ensign Magazine the readers will now get a chance to choose the future of the magazine by:
1) Rate and give feedbacks on series
2) Choose the future of series by a voting process, in this voting session readers could:
a) Move a series they like to volume prints (which we will now have artist work on making 1-5 chapter volume every 2- 3 months)
b) Take out a series and put in a new series (stopping that series and replacing it with a new series)
c) Or leave series alone (left till the new voting session)

Once all votes have been given, then we will review and ensure we and the artists can deliver on the request. Also manga series with most ratings will be considered for animation.
This magazine will also serve as an opportunity for fresh new manga ka's to get his/her works publish. It is our first step as a group and aspiring company to help new aspiring manga ka's to achieve their dreams. This magazine with your support can help tons of artist across the world, we all love Japanese manga's and artists, even anime shows so we wish to join the industry.

(Wish to know more please contact us at:

Zuther Ensign Magazine Submission Guidelines:

- One Shot or Chapter (10-40 pages)
- No fancomics (example; doujinshi)
- No hentai, yaoi, yuri or extreme gore content(if your piece has yaoi or yuri, please contact us with full detail of your piece, so we can tell you if its okay to submit it or not)
- Can be either traditional or digital art, but must be in digital form(we do not expect you to send it to us)
- Download and fill out form (as formalities)

Download form Here >… < Download form Here
Download and fill out form then send in with you manga entry. without form we will not look at your entry so please do not forget.
You do not have to print and sign form but if you can you can,as for others just by typing your name in respected areas and sending this form back proves you have accepted the form's terms.

-shounen genre(our main genre used)
-shoujo genre(romance)
-sub genres ; supernatural, mystery, tragedy, mecha, psychological, action, horror, sci-fi, fantasy(we accept all!)
- light yuri and yaoi(aka shoujo-ai and shounen-ai)(this is not necessary to be added in your manga)

-Hardcore Yuri or Yoai
-Extreme gore content

- Cover must be colored
- Interior pages are optional, you can either color all of it , just a few pages or just leave it black and white(like normal manga)

- Only 2 winners
- Winners gets a chance to turn their one shot into a complete series(we only take credit for distributing it, not owning it) or can start another new series under our company name, or continue series under company
- Winners MAY get their mangas published into real, physical book form if it becomes well-known(and add other good qualities)

D'jarni Braithwaite(boss)
One more judge pending.

You will get disqualified if you copy or use another person's work. We do not accept cheaters, we only accept people who use their own imagination.

Deadline: 20th October

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OgawaBurukku Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012  Professional General Artist
Is there a cash prize of any kind? Or is the prize getting published with royalties? I'm a little confused, since it says you will be posting a Jump-type magazine online (digital publishing). Does that mean the one-shot will possibly lead to a series published digitally? Which will possibly be published in a physical format if there is interest? I'm confused. The prize kind of sounds like a bunch of "maybes".
uesmangateam Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
hmm just published with royalties, its a book print, online version will be available but its a book print. and yes if you our magazine readers or fan request you manga be printed separately from magazines into its own volume. "maybe" it a large industry we talking about not everyone will purchase print copies when digital copies are much cheaper. so the printed book format lies in the "maybe". any other questions please feel free to ask.
xCatFace Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012  Student General Artist
So there is no pay? Just being published?
uesmangateam Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
we sent you a note with infomation.
xCatFace Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012  Student General Artist
I recieved it thank you
uesmangateam Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Mo-the-half Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012  Student Filmographer
I'm gonna do this. >:C
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